Cigar Art


I never had a cigar box to hold my childhood treasures, but I wanted one. Occasionally finding a discarded paper cigar band, I would slip it on a finger and daydream about far off locales. It all seemed exotic and mysterious to me. My cigar box art isn’t about the act of smoking. It’s about the printed label on the box, paper cigar bands and matchbox graphics, in other words, the Cigar Mystique.

Little Smoke Cigar Poster – Matchbook/Poster – Mixed Media

At The Club – Ashtray, Matchbook and Cocktail on Table Corner – Mixed Media Sculpture

Fast Take Fortune Tobacco Co. – Chinese Take-Out Themed Cigar Box – Mixed Media Sculpture

Kitchen Sink Tobacco Co. – Vintage Kitchen Themed Lunch Box/Cigar Box – Mixed Media Sculpture