Fun & Games


While I watched my family play board games, I became entranced with the design of those games. I loved the printed colors, imagery, game pieces and the dice. Looking at a game board with a magnifying glass, and subsequently other printed advertising, I was surprised to see halftones. Printing with dots, who knew! Working on this series seemed a natural step for me, paying homage to what gave me much joy in the past.

Weegee – A version of Parker Brothers classic “spirit Board” – Colored pencil, Ink and Metal Foil on Drafting Plastic

Scratch n’ Sniff – An attempt to re-design the U.S. dollar – Giclee print

Mo Po – Parker Brothers’ “Monopoly”, an instant hit during the Great Depression – Colored Pencil, Ink and Beads on Drafting Plastic

Palmistry Game – Parker Brothers‘ “Touch”, a game reflective of the 1970’s – Colored Pencil, Ink, Beads on Drafting Plastic